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Just as a disclaimer, these posts are pretty much verbatim from the IRC log.  If they don’t read like excellent fiction that’s because playing a role-playing game doesn’t actually produce a novel.  It might produce interesting characters and a great plot but just reading how all of it comes together is not likely to read like a good book.

The most I’ve done is clean up the extraneous crap IRC logs have thrown in them and I’ve substituted character names for he/she/it when necessary to make it easy to tell who is doing what or saying what.

The nice thing about this is that you can tell pretty much exactly what the game looked like at the session.  If reading the Actual Play post gets you interested or excited about the game, then you’d probably enjoy participating.  Not only that, we’d love to have you on board.  You can find me, Andrew, on the MagicStar IRC network on the #indierpgs channel lots of times during the week.  I’m also easily contacted via email, if you’d like to talk about joining us.


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